Peter’s Pie & Coffee – is a healthy food café in Herceg-Novi.
Yoga, Conscious living, Creativity, are the things that compose our life, we run this
place to share them with others. We are not a net, it is the
only one location, café opened in 2010.

We are what we eat. To be sure about the ingredients and
the way they were treated, everything here we cook ourselves.
We use simple and healthy recipes. We make vegetarian soups,
vegetable stew and salads, sandwiches and savory pies.
We have interesting desserts as well. Herbal teas and fruit
smoothies. Gluten free and dairy free treats. We bake our
sour dough bread: rye, and gluten free buckwheat bread.

The food should be tasty and simple. Without excess of oil
and less fried, better be boiled or gently backed. The contents
should be balanced, to feed our body and the soul as well.
Lots of delicious desserts could be made without sugar. Dairy
free products should be tasty and nutritious. To let you see
how food is preparing, the kitchen is open to your sight.

You can ask for details or reserve the bread:

+382 (0)67 148 180